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(My work should fade in any second now.)

Int'l Poster Show promotional poster series

Design, printing & tiling. 90.5×128cm.

Reducing the letterforms of the title to base geometric shapes, the poster is inspired by the International Typographic Style, keeping in spirit with the international theme of the exhibit itself.

Each color scheme corresponds to the flag of a country represented in the exhibit (France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland).

Amsterdam and Basel poster series

Design, printing & tiling. 90.5×128cm.

The primary goal was to create a series of posters chronicling my international travels without appearing overtly touristy. Based on personal experiences and observations while working in Amsterdam, Holland, and Basel, Switzerland, each poster reflects different cultural aspects of each respective city. The series is featured in the Int'l Poster Show.

Int'l Poster Show website

Design & development. HTML, CSS, Flash & MooTools.

This site is both a showcase of the posters featured in the Int'l Poster Show as well as documentation of the exhibit itself. As a result, both the interface and layout of the site possess a strong emphasis on the grid, echoing the layout of the physical exhibit and placing the posters at the center of attention.

Int'l Poster Show

Concept, exhibit design & coordination.

A tiled poster show based on ASU graphic design student and faculty experiences abroad, with a common theme of global citizenship and cultural diversity.

The show also offers insight into tiling and the poster making process.

Synesthesia Landscapes soundwave drawing engine

Design & development. Flash & AS3.

A Flash-based drawing engine that eschews traditional drawing tools. Instead, the user paints landscapes based on the waveforms from the music, with waveform fidelity controlled by the y-axis position of the cursor.

Paul Howell: Design website

Design & development. HTML, CSS & MooTools.
Completed at Paul Howell: Design

With an emphasis on the work shown in the portfolio, the site features a minimal yet engaging interface that allows the user to navigate through the different sections by mouse, mouse wheel or keyboard.

Seeds for a Future website

Design & development. HTML, CSS & MooTools.
Completed at Paul Howell: Design

Inspired by the bright, rich colors of Guatemalan culture, the site provides a friendly, online face for Seeds for a Future, a nonprofit organization providing the Guatemalan town, Chocolá, with the knowledge and skills necessary for farming high-value crops.

Float On interactive music video

Design, photography & development. Flash & AS3.

In this interactive music video, each instrument in the song is visualized in real time and abstracted into a physical representation of what the sound might look like in paper form. The added interactivity allows the viewer to look closer at these physical representations of sound.

Uncovering the Issues promotional video

Direction, photography & editing.

The objective of the video is to provide an engaging introduction and promotion of the 2010 ASU graphic design senior show, Uncovering the Issues. With each student standing in front of their name and social issue thesis, the video provides not only a glimpse of the students' personalities, but also a hint of the exhibit's content, which the viewer can uncover upon visiting either the website or exhibit itself.

Uncovering the Issues website

Design & development. HTML, CSS & MooTools.

This site provides a showcase of the students and exhibits featured in the 2010 ASU graphic design senior show. As both a promotional and informational site, the interface allows the user to either explore the grid of students freely or find a specific student efficiently. The visual direction also strongly relates to the exhibit's promotional poster.

Cities in Transformation exhibit poster

Design & printing. 9×2 ft.

As both a promotional poster and print introduction for the exhibit, Cities in Transformation, the elongated format allowed the poster to be wrapped around the corner leading to the exhibit, both pointing and priming viewers for the exhibition. The layered, asymmetric forms also create a landscape across the poster that mimics the forms of the tables designed for the exhibit.

Cities in Transformation: Barcelona + Phoenix

Concept, exhibit design & coordination.

The topic of Cities in Transformation: Barcelona + Phoenix is the complex process of urban transformation in both cities, and the distinct ways it is manifested in architectural and design practice.

The exhibit showcases a wide range of urban projects, from large urban proposals to small interior environments and art. Featuring custom designed tables, the physical presence of the exhibit reflects the changing landscape of the two cities.

RA Sushi brand usage guide

Design & printing. 9×12 in.
Completed at Paul Howell: Design

The objective of this brand guide is not only to provide instruction for how to employ the RA Sushi brand, but also to be a prime example of brand application itself. Through bold typography, bright colors and sensual photography, the brand guide doesn't just guide readers through the essence of the RA Sushi brand, it leads by example.

TwitterCounter identity

Design & branding.
Completed at Postmachina

Requesting a new brand identity that was more humanist and less sterile, this redesign of the TwitterCounter identity adds a whimsical touch to the information-dense web app. The chick and egg allude to Twitter, while the crack in the egg forms the shape of a rising line graph, reflecting the line graph-based information graphics featured prominently on the site.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind title credits

Direction, cinematography & editing.

Inspired by director Michel Gondry's approach of employing only in-camera special effects without the aid of CGI, this redesign of the title credits of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind keeps that spirit, with no aid from the computer.

Using reversed time-lapse footage of cut paper type blowing out of the sand to create the illusion that the letters are flying into place, the technique features two prominent elements in the film: the sand of Montauk beach and the flow of time in reverse. This footage is then intercut with reversed footage of sand pouring over the main title, allowing a slow reveal of the film's title.

Simple Math PSA

Direction, motion graphics & editing.

This motion graphic public service announcement conveys its message, "the math is simple, cash > cans," in the most simple way possible: without actual motion. By reducing the animation to basic typography and dramatic visual changes without movement, the strong visuals, focus and tension work together to support the message, rather than detract from it.